Boujis Barcelona – Theft and Aggression

Barcelona (Spain), 01.06.2014

The weekend draws to a close, and I’m recovering from the pain suffered at my head, back and shoulder after I got beaten up – by the “security” staff of Boujis Barcelona. The club calls itself “exclusive”, “trendy” and the like. “Brutal” and “aggressive” would be better descriptions. They have absolutely no clue on how to treat their customers. For standing in the way of a waiter (hello? I’m a customer! And there was plenty of space to walk around me elsewhere.) the “security” guys harassed me, beat me punching my face, stole my mobile phone from me, threw a girl that was with us on the floor down the stairs and insulted her. I have no words for such a behaviour.

The police didn’t react, nor really help when things happened as described here, and I feel helpless and left alone by the public administration’s security forces. Since I cannot accept that things like this just happen, I put a webpage together: The club’s owners were so clever to not reserve this URL. And I also created a Facebook group, please give me your “like”.

Now the goal is the to trash these people’s reputation online, until they realise that treating people like they did is not acceptable. Also they need to check who works for them, since the guys in the club acted more like rowdies then “security” staff.

If you want to support this cause and help me, please


Like this comment on Tripadvisor, or write your own one about this intolerable behaviour.


I’m a big fan of clubbing, I DJ’ed since my teen years, music is a passion of mine. But clubbing and dancing need to be a safe pleasure, even more so in a club that claims to have an image like Boujis Barcelona does. Please help me in spreading the word about these people. Thank you!