Since my childhood I got addicted to electronic dance music, in various forms. I DJ’ed in Rome while still at school and kept going during my time in Berlin. Music genres varied from straightforward Techno, to harder and faster stuff I stopped liking at some point, to break beats in the form of both jungle/Drum and Bass, as well as electro. With time, my music slowed down, got more electronic, and broadened it’s palette of styles. Business stole most of the time I used to dedicate to music, that’s why a lot of my tunes date back to the nineties. The advent of podcasts and streaming changed my consumption from active vinyl buying and mixing to more passive listening.

I enjoy Mendeleev Radio Show (a souvenir from Moscow), De:Bug, DJ Broadcast, and less and less to Data Transmission (too often too commercial). And I uploaded some mixes (new and old) to Mixcloud. Enjoy!


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