Travelling has been one of my great passions ever since. My parents took us for 4-week-trips to different parts of Europe in our summer holidays: England-Scotland (1990), Scandinavia (1991), Czechoslovakia-Hungary-Poland (1992), France (1993). We travelled with a VW Bus, slept in B&Bs or tents, and saw a lot of places. These trips infected me with a frenetic curiosity to discover, and to hit the road.

I signed up for driving school a few weeks before my 18th birthday and as soon as I passed my last exam went on a trip around Southern Italy in an old VW Golf I. Since then I toured pretty much all of Central and Western Europe, the Balkans, Greece. But also Morocco (2005-2006), New England (2007-2008), South Africa (2011-2012). In 2012-2013 I blogged for the first time on a trip through Thailand. I began to write to keep friends and family posted, then started to actually like it. I write at the end of a day on the road, when the posts are still fresh from the impressions of the day. Sometimes orthography and style are not perfect. I write in simple english, so that everybody can more or less understand me, although it’s not my native language.

Then came 2013, the year of Eurasia2013. This journey from Madrid to Vladivostok and back, with an encore to Cabo da Roca in Portugal. Life has not been the same since that trip.

The desire to get back to the road has stayed strong ever since I came back. During Easter 2014 I did a raid to Morocco. Oman was another beautiful discovery in 2014-14. And a trip to Dakar was in preparation for some time, but ultimately didn’t happen. More recently I spent time in Indonesia, not on 4 wheels though. Let’s see what might come up at some point.