Back on the Road

Valencia (Spain), 11.04.2014

At the end of a hectic last day before Semana Santa (that in Spain is a lot more important then just some days off for Easter), the car got packed quickly. After the experience of a fully loaded vehicle on Eurasia2013 a Mini with just a few things felt like there was half the equipment missing. I got into the car, closed the door, turned the car keys and – nothing happened. One more time, and once more. The car was dead. Nice way to kick off this trip.

Since there was absolutely no sign of life from the vehicle, I suspected the battery to be the issue. But in the Mini the battery is under the trunk. And without power the door wouldn’t open. So I had to unload the car to access the trunk from the inside and yes, opening the battery compartment I saw one cable had disconnected. During Eurasia2013 the Mini had stayed parked for months and I had separated the battery cables, apparently not fixing them properly once I moved it again. BMW also didn’t see this during the check up a month ago (nice job!). If this would have happened on the motorway at 120km/h in a curve the car would have been blocked at full speed.

I was sweating from the unloading, and even more while thinking about the battery, as I fixed the issue. 5 mins later the car was loaded again, and at 21:00 I hit the road. Weather was good, warm and dry, as I left Barcelona southwards. Given the constant speed limits and cameras I felt like a pensioner taking his car out on Sunday. At one of the many toll gates I passed a police checkpoint where armed officers were searching the cars passing by. And shortly afterwards the flashes of thunders appeared on the horizon. I drove into the bad weather front and out of it again, when I got tired. At Valencia I left the main motorway and headed downtown to a hotel I booked from the motorway. There isn’t much more that happened today. It feels good to be back on the road, and tomorrow in Tarifa I hope I can start relaxing a bit before crossing over to Morocco. Good night!

Trip data

– Km driven: 343

– Hours on the road: 4

– l diesel/100km: 5,7