Au Revoir Maroc

Barcelona (Spain), 21.04.2014

The motorway from Tarifa back home to Barcelona seemed like a walk in the park after the week driving through Morocco. Fearing a lot of Semana Santa traffic I left early in the morning. There was not much to discover, apart from a curious sight in a restaurant where I tried to get lunch: a display of CDs on sale, with the best hits of 2004! Time standing still on Spanish motorways! They also had some from 2002 and 2003, plus other curiosities. How technology had changed over the last decade, except in this place.


During the trip back to Barcelona I thought about these days on the road. They have been an interesting distraction from everyday life in the city. I also got back to driving (a bit) off the beaten track, see hundreds of km of countryside pass by in a day, the landscape changing constantly. The officially dangerous Western Sahara region was no problem, only the big white UN Land Cruisers in Layoune reminded of the local conflict, that has not seen any action in years. I looked at a map of Africa in the last months, and saw that the current wars (here and here) make it apparently impossible to drive all around the continent safely. But then, check Asia, and Eurasia2013 would also not have been possible. And it was, peacefully and safely. Africa is a different place then Asia, such a trip would mainly focus on nature and not so much in culture probably. And it would definitely be an offroad challenge, so a tough car would be needed. I saw plenty of them in Morocco already and got some ideas 😉


That’s it for the time being, I hope I can come back soon with more news from the road, who knows from what country.

Trip data

– Km driven: 1.145

– Hours on the road: 12

– l diesel/100km: 5,5